Cavalier Spinners

To whom it may concern,

This is to verify that we use hazard management systems ltd to conduct our respirator fit testing and training for our staff, we are pleased to advise that Charlie and Debbie provide an excellent service along with detailed reports that flags non compliances, improvements and recommendations for our management and staff to follow up.

Charlie and Debbie are very helpful and knowledgeable of the requirements that are needed in regards to fitting and testing for airborne particulates and organic vapours respirators.

We asked Charlie to assist us with a tsunami and seismic evacuation management plan for our company as we are close to the shoreline, Charlie presented us with a perfect A3 pictorial procedure demonstrating sequential actions required in the event of an emergency, it was simple to the point and clearly understandable with a map of a drive route and destination along with incorporating staff families, pets and personal items into the plan.

We are very pleased with what he designed for us and definitely exceeded our expectations.

We later called Charlie back in to help us develop a train derailment emergency plan along with a post critical action plan, he amazed us with all possible scenarios in regards to outcomes and impact of a train colliding with our building along with forecasting ongoing disruption to the business.

He identified a comprehensive risk list from explosions, chemical and environmental impact to glass shards projectiles, building and plant and service lines damages, fractures and to atmospheric displacement and the list goes on, he applied the mitigating controls with response plans for staff and emergency services.

Charlie is very easy to talk to and a pleasure to deal with he asks a lot of questions that are specific to the assignment and he definitely deep dives for details.

We will still use Charlie when needed as the above information reveals his integrity and standards.

Contact me if you require any more information

Coral Taurima
Health & Safety Trainer and Coordinator
Cavalier Spinners

Hazard Management Systems Limited

Charlie Strickland (Director – Consultant)
+ 64 27 288 8546
Debbie Strickland (Consultant)
+ 64 27 859 3235
New Zealand
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