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NZWTA Ltd contracted Hazard Management Systems Ltd in August 2015 to provide advice and guidance regarding our H&S Management within the laboratory and workshop operations.

Charlie and Debbie Strickland assisted us greatly in implementing improved systems to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations. This included hazard registers, standard operating procedures and appropriate PPE in specific tasks. This was achieved while communicating effectively and respectfully with our staff throughout our organisation.

As a company we have become far more familiar with our understanding of H&S requirements through our involvement with Hazard Management Systems Ltd. An added bonus of this relationship was an improvement in overall H&S culture throughout the organisation.

NZWTA Ltd would have no hesitation in recommending Charlie and Debbie Strickland for advice regarding implementation of an appropriate H&S management system. They are clearly very knowledgeable of the relevant requirements and legislation and, more importantly, understand what an organisation needs to do to ensure compliance. Our experience has been extremely positive – sound advice, true engagement with staff with a thorough professional manner.

Duane Knowles
Chief Executive
New Zealand Wool Testing Authority Ltd

Hazard Management Systems Limited

Charlie Strickland (Director – Consultant)
+ 64 27 288 8546
Debbie Strickland (Consultant)
+ 64 27 859 3235
New Zealand
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