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To whom it may concern:

Hazard Management Systems Ltd provided me with a realistic upfront service in regards to Health & Safety for my company and with the system they developed has also supported me to meet my client’s H&S requirements.
HMS Ltd built me a safety training manual which is easy to understand with different types of registers to ensure I am compliant with hazard identification, plant and processes.

I am very pleased with how they introduce an arrangement from an initial interview to a draft stage interview to a completed professional system package.

Hazard Management Systems Ltd is nice and honest to work with and their packages are affordable and reliable.

Verbal Referee contact me

Yours sincerely

Colin McCormick
McCormick Contracting 2010 Ltd

Hazard Management Systems Limited

Charlie Strickland (Director – Consultant)
+ 64 27 288 8546
Debbie Strickland (Consultant)
+ 64 27 859 3235
New Zealand
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