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After receiving a call from Worksafe NZ to inform me that our company was to have its workshop and health & safety systems inspected, I called Charlie Strickland of Hazard Management Systems Ltd to ensure that Streamline was up to spec!

To my horror I discovered that there were many areas that we fell short of the current Health & Safety requirements in NZ & that we could potentially be in serious danger of significant fines, or worse, without implementing an approved Health & Safety system into the company.

Charlie was definitely the man for the job!

After a few brief meetings to ascertain the type of work we do & how we do it, Charlie set about building a system for us that ensures we are covered should the worst occur. When he came back with our new Health & Safety policy manual & direction for workshop & field service requirements etc I was blown away with the amazing service that he was providing us! The knowledge that he brought to the table & direction given to us with how to ensure that we comply with the standard was second to none! He covered all the bases & made sure that nothing was missed. We now have a system in place that is current & alive, ensuring we are kept up to date as the company progresses.

Best of all, when the Worksafe NZ inspector came for our audit he passed us with flying colours.

Charlie’s morals & character ensure that you get exactly what you need. He is building a reputation within his field that is getting known right across NZ because of his high level of integrity & professional standard.

Without hesitation I recommend any business- small, medium or large, to contact Charlie Strickland of Hazard Management Systems Ltd to assist with updating their current programme or building & implement a new Health & Safety system in their place of work. They will not be disappointed.

Dorian Oxley
Streamline RV Ltd

Hazard Management Systems Limited

Charlie Strickland (Director – Consultant)
+ 64 27 288 8546
Debbie Strickland (Consultant)
+ 64 27 859 3235
New Zealand
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