Whakatu Wool Scours

Charlie & Debbie Strickland of Hazard Management Systems Ltd were contracted to Whakatu Wool Scours in April 2014 as consultants to raise the standards of our H&S System.

Hazard Management Systems Ltd proposed a 3 phase stage to construct the necessary compliances along with the company’s requirements at each phase for completion.

They completed bringing our system to a high level in October 2014 with the exception of minor operational alterations.

The list below specifies what has been actioned:

Accident Register
Building Warden Procedures
Contractor Management Systems
Department Audits
Employee Participation Systems (Hazard Identification W.I.F) Register
Emergency Procedures – Site and Tasks
Fire Evacuation Scheme
Hazard Register
Health & Safety Committee Meetings Register
Health & Safety Manuals
Health & Safety Staff Meetings Register
H.S.N.O. Hazardous Substance and New Organisms
Induction Program
Inspection Documents
L.O.T.O. Systems – Lock out Tag out
Noise Mapping (Survey)
P.P.E Register
Planned Hazard Inspections
Policies and Procedures
Risk Analysis and Controls
Safety Bulletins
Safety Data Base
Safety Data Register
Staff Reviews & Evaluations
Staff Training Sheets
System Analysis and Reporting
Charlie & Debbie still provide continuous maintenance to our system and I would highly recommend their services.
For further information on Hazard Management Systems Ltd you may contact me.

Adrian Donnelly
General Manager
Whakatu Wool Scour

Hazard Management Systems Limited

Charlie Strickland (Director – Consultant)
+ 64 27 288 8546
Debbie Strickland (Consultant)
+ 64 27 859 3235
New Zealand
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